Front cover Visions and Lies

The Degrees of Darkness Series is a four book, action packed Urban Fantasy, Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Julia has seen visions of the future since childhood, a gift she works hard to suppress in order to have a “normal” life. Her life is exactly the way she wants it, until a new vision turns it upside down.

The vision leads Julia back to Savannah, and to a truth about herself and her family.

Julia discovers her great uncle Eli is a master criminal, committing crimes in the past to benefit himself in the present—and Julia is the only one who can travel back in time to stop him.

Julia must learn to use her gifts in ways she never imagined in order to survive and catch a killer…but will it be enough, and if it is will she be able to bear the price of justice?

It’s time to find out…